Insolar-Kholod started its history in 1990. Started working with small refrigeration units and home air conditioners, with more experience we could take on major cold and climate projects for main local enterprises. We tried to base our solutions on the latest achievements in technologies of cooling products and air conditioning. Working out our complex projects under the terms of references by our customers, we always offer the best solutions in regard to energy efficiency.

For years of work our employees assembled more than 1000 refrigeration units and more than 600 different ventilation and conditioning systems in different regions of Ukraine. We wouldn’t have achieved such results not proving our customers with a full range of services – from design works to delivery of the equipment, its installation, warranty and after-sales service. We offer to our customers refrigeration equipment in-house assembled or by the leading international manufacturers, with most of which we have a long-term partnership.

Our speciality

About our company and projects

Project cycle

  • Collecting initial data

    Clarifying the requirements to the project and codifying all available materials. Creating basic for the upcoming phases.

  • Preparing terms of reference

    Shaping characteristics of the project, technological limits and equipment operational features. Establishing base technical solutions.

  • Development of technological sections of the project

    Development of the technological sections of Cold Supply, Automatic Atmosphere, Controlled Atmosphere by the authorized specialists.

  • Construction

    Assembling of cold rooms.

  • Installation of equipment

    Delivery, installation, adjusting and start up of units.

  • Service

    Maintenance, preventive measures and repair of all units and equipment of your cold storage.