Fast cooling is a guarantee for successful storage of berries

An interview by Insolar-Kholod director was issued with the SEEDS information portal news. Anatoliy Bogdan tells secrets of picking up and storage berries in the right way.

Berries can bring much of profits to producers, if taking care about storage of picked-up crop in time and in the right way. Insolar-Kholod director Anatoliy Bogdan told about this, giving a speech during the International forum “S-Fruit Transformation 2020 – synergy of the berries segment “, – SEEDS informs.

“The main thing is that berries shouldn’t stay in the sunshine. In Poland, for example, use trolleys covered with film to avoid “direct sun”. There are special tents or berries are just left in the shade.

Cooling is obligatory for berries. The faster chilled – the better. Maximum for berries is 4 hours after picking up. In comparison with apples, berries and stone fruits are very sensitive to temperature drops, – Anatoliy Bogdan noticed.

In the words of Insolar-Kholod director, not only time of cooling – without delay – is important for storage of berries, but also quality of cooling itself.

“Quality of chilling and quality of storage – everything plays its key part. For instance, strawberries can be put in the standard refrigerator. There it is freezing during 8-12 hours, then it is taken off, and after defrosting it looks like a shapeless mass, not like berries. But in case of shock freezing when defrosting berries almost return to its initial form “, – Anatoliy Bogdan told.

Not the least of the facts for storage berries is quality. Without keeping this simple rule you can foil all the efforts: loose the crop and spend a lot of money for supporting of the storage process itself, – Insolar-Kholod director reminds.

“It is no surprise at all that if we deliver on storage poor quality berries, it will remain of the same poor quality. That is why presorting is very important for storage”, – added Anatoliy Bogdan.

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