Access to the international market is impossible without a modern sorting line

Interest of the modern storages owners to the sorters and calibration machines for fruit, vegetables and berries is going up all the time. The reason is that more and more owners of fruit and vegetables storages are directed towards export of their products. Under the conditions of high competition suppliers have to deliver the product […]

Sell cannot be kept: the expert named the strategy for a profitable sale of the fresh produce

Every year a number of fruit and vegetables producers in Ukraine increases, areas spread, competition becomes stronger and new social and economic terms in the light of the global pandemic make agribusiness representatives developing new technologies and upgrading company equipment more actively. Agri-gator found out the exclusive details from Anatoliy Bogdan, Director of Insolar-Kholod, engaged […]

Double increase of apple price by means of industrial storages. Myth or reality?

2020 brought quite a number of surprises not only to Ukrainian producers, but also to average consumers. Spreading the Coronavirus pandemic, destruction of logistic chains, food markets closing and abnormal weather are not the entire unexpectedness made us “happy” in the first part of 2020. Moreover, June continues maintaining reputation of the most unpredictable and […]

Tunnel freezing of berries is the most popular in the Ukrainian fruit and vegetables sector

In recent years Ukraine is rapidly expanding export of fruit and berries. Thus, during 2019 Ukraine delivered abroad fruit, berries and nuts for more than $ 260.000.000 in total, which exceeds the indices of 2018 by 14%. In particular, such items as apples and berries showed swift export growth during the last several seasons. In […]

Number of apple storages of high quality in Ukraine is growing up

Export of apples from Ukraine has been increasing in more than 15 times by value within the last 5 years, and delivery of fresh berries abroad has been growing up in almost 4 times since 2015. One of the key reasons for the export essential increase of apples and berries from Ukraine is developing of […]