Insolar-Kholod will attend an International fair for fruit and vegetables trade and transport FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020!

The International fair for fruit and vegetables trade and transport FRUIT LOGISTICA 2020 will again invite representatives of the most significant companies in the field of fresh produce in Berling February 5-7, 2020. We kindly invite all interested people to visit the booth of Van Amerongen (Hall 3.2/B-06) and the booth of Greefa (Hall 4.1/C-14), […]

Insolar-Kholod about “Big and small secrets of storage fruits and berries” within the speech at the International conference «S-Fruit Transformation – 2020»

Read in the recent news edition by about the secrets of storage berries in the low season, which will be delivered by Anatoliy Bogdan, Insolar-Kholod director. Winter months traditionally actualize storage problems with previously picked-up crop before berry growers. Everyone knows that prices for the products are much higher in the low season, than […]

Insolar-Kholod will attend the main berries event in January – The 2nd International forum «S-Fruit Transformation – 2020», January 30-31, 2020 in Kiev.

As the location was chosen POCHAYNA Event Hall in the mall «Gorodok Gallery» (23 Stepana Bandery Av.). As the organizer Association “Berries growing of Ukraine” specifies, S-Fruit Transformation is not an ordinary “line conference”, but the real synergy of berries business in the same unique event! We have the honor to invite all interested people […]

Winter eats what summer gets: how to preserve high quality berries and to offer the produce at the moment of highest demand

Read in the interview by Agri-gator with the Director of Insolar-Kholod, TOV Anatoliy Bogdan, regarding the situation at the local market of berries and the best ways how to storage berries. Produce of berries is the most dynamically growing segment of the global fruit market today. One of the most expensive and perspective berries in […]