Shock freezing chamber of meat for LLC Kazatinskiy miasokombinat

Insolar-Kholod has completed the construction of a shock freezing chamber for meat for OOO Kazatinsky miasokombinat. This chamber is designed for freezing up to 7000 kg of meat at a design temperature in the chamber of -42ᵒС. During the construction of the shock freezing chamber, the following equipment was used: Shockfroster – Thermofin Compressor station […]

Construction of a modern high-tech storage facility with RGS for Khichateli LTD

In September 2021, Insolar-Kholod completed the construction of the second stage of a modern high-tech storage facility with the Russian Geographical Society for Khichateli LLC (Georgia). The storage capacity for apples increased by 1122 tons, and the total volume now is 2040 tons. The following equipment was used in the design and construction of this […]

Modern high-tech storage for Sady Dnipra

Insolar-Kholod, OOO has successfully finished building of the 3rd phase of the modern high-tech storage for Sady Dnepra, OOO UApple. The capacity of the storage was 2400 tons increased and the total volume now is 7200 tons. The main feature of the storage is the most modern technology for CA storing apples used when planning […]

Apple storage for “Pridneprovskiy”

In March, 2020 Pridneprovskiy, OOO has applied to Insolar-Kholod with an inquiry for the project design and building an apple storage. We would like to specify that earlier, in 2007 and 2011, the specialists of Insolar-Kholod have designed and built the CA storages for Pridneprovskiy, OOO. The total capacity is 5170 tons. Thus, in September, […]

Building of the new modern CA storage for PE “Agrarnaya Companiya 2004”.

Beginning of autumn, 2020 was marked by three big, succussfully realized projects at the same time. All these projects is a benefit of reliable and long-term partnership of Insolar-Kholod with our clients. Some more information about one of them… Our client “Agrarnaya Companiya 2004” belongs to the group of companies VITAGRO with an activity in […]