The 16th International Conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2019. Export Breakthrough!”

Within the only exhibition for professionals of fresh produce in Ukraine – Fresh Business Expo 2019 – the 16th internation conference “Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2019. Export Breakthrough!”, organized by APK-Inform: fruit and vegetables, will take place December 3-5, 2019. It is development of export focus that will favor a further increase in fruit and […]

International forums «Industrial planting of berries — 2019» and «Intensive garden -2019»

Two marquee events of the horticultural branch of Ukraine will take place at the same time in the end of autumn. On the 26th of November, 2019 will be started the international forum «Industrial planting of berries – 2019», during which the specialized conference with Ukrainian and foreign speakers – specialists in the berries business […]

Sorting line GeoSort (Greefa) for the most modern apple storage in Ukraine – Sady Dnepra, OOO, TM UApple

In November, 2019, Insolar-Kholod and Greefa specialists finished installation and starting up of one of the most powerful in Ukraine sorting line GeoSort by Greefa with the capacity of 12 tons per hour at the facility Sady Dnepra. Grading line GeoSort guarantees accurate sorting of your delicate fruit with the help of its modular construction. […]