Storage room for frozen products for Kazatinskiy miasokombinat.

Insolar-Kholod has enlarged its savings box in 2020 with one more successfully realized project for Kazatinskiy miasokombinat, OOO. Let us specify that this is our cooperation with Kazatinskiy miasokombinat, OOO not for the first time. Our first meeting came around in a long ago 2002, since then our companies have being closely cooperated during lots of years.

Thus, in March, 2020 our specialists have designed and constructed the storage room for frozen products, intended for a daily delivery up to 20 tons of products with the temperature of -24ᵒС and the discharge room with the temperature of +7ᵒС. The rooms are equipped with the evaporators Guntner (Germany), was installed the condenser unit RMC based on the compressor Bitzer.

In the refrigeration system the ozone-safe refrigerant R448A is used. New refrigerants are described by the lower global warming potential (GWP), are fire-resistant and thereby classify for the safety group A1. New refrigerants (R448A, R134A, R-404, R407C, R507C, R410A and others) are safe for people and environment that is why all leading manufacturers of the climate equipment use exactly these types of refrigerant.


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