Storage facility with DCA technology

Features of the design apple storage with CA and Dynamic Controled Atmosphere for Sady Dnipra, TOV:

  • The advanced control system My Fruit Premium by Van Amerongen was used.
    Refrigeration units and CA machines are controlled from the integrated industrial computer, upon complex control program. This enables to use the equipment in a more seamless way and to improve storage quality when lowering power inputs.
    My Fruit Premium makes possible to control storing of products in 112 storage rooms at the same time.
  • Control relies on the advanced technology ACR (respiratory control system).
    Technology is based on measurement of the respiration ratio, as a result the minimal preset percentage of oxygen inside the storage is settled.

    It helps to minimize weight loss of the product. For product temperature control there are 4 temperature sensors around the room and 4 temperature sensors which control the cooling equipment.

  • This preserving technology demands total gas-tightness of the rooms. To ensure gas-tightness the total sealing panel joints technology by RibbStyle (the Netherlands) was at the first time used for this storage facility. Complex sealing materials were developed by RibbStyle especially for these purposes.
  • Special evaporators, fruit version, by Thermofin, are installed in the cold rooms. The evaporators have wide heat-transfer area and keep the needed humidity level inside the rooms when keeping products without using humidifiers. The refrigerating plant is equipped with the heat exchanger for heat utilization. Electronically commutated (EC) fans are used in the air-cooled condenser.
  • Gas-tightness of the cold rooms guarantees by the means of Salco gas-tight doors. Patented gas sealing, using for hermetization of the door openings, makes them unique and ensures reliable sealing.
  • For keeping product in good quality automatic drip accounting is used in every room (for accounting moisture apples exude within respiration process). This enables to analyze effectively the preserving terms and the correct operation of the equipment in each of 80 cold rooms of the storage facility.
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