International forums «Industrial planting of berries — 2019» and «Intensive garden -2019»

Two marquee events of the horticultural branch of Ukraine will take place at the same time in the end of autumn.
On the 26th of November, 2019 will be started the international forum «Industrial planting of berries – 2019», during which the specialized conference with Ukrainian and foreign speakers – specialists in the berries business will be held.
On the 27-28th of November will take place the international forum «Intensive garden – 2019», dedicated to grain and stone crops. Representatives of Insolar-Kholod, TOV will attend the forum as well.
For our company a promo-table is arranged, visiting which you will be able to receive answers of the qualified specialists for your actual questions:

• What to start building of the modern CA storage from?
• Advantages in storage of berries and stone fruits using Palliflex
• Storing of apples in the storages with the most modern technology DCA, based on the advanced respiration control ACR
• Selection of the most modern and powerful sorting lines
• Features for building storages and separate rooms for storing products with preset temperature and humidity
• How to arrange storing and freezing berries and stone fruits in the right way?
• Cooling and shock-freezing systems

We would like to invite you to meet with the representatives of Insolar-Kholod, TOV to receive answers for all your questions. Please visit to receive more information about modern technologies of storage fruit, berries and vegetables.

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