Sorting line GeoSort (Greefa) for the most modern apple storage in Ukraine – Sady Dnepra, OOO, TM UApple

In November, 2019, Insolar-Kholod and Greefa specialists finished installation and starting up of one of the most powerful in Ukraine sorting line GeoSort by Greefa with the capacity of 12 tons per hour at the facility Sady Dnepra. Grading line GeoSort guarantees accurate sorting of your delicate fruit with the help of its modular construction.

For this storage the sorting line was additionally equipped with the following equipment:

  • Robotize acquisition and dumping unit (automatic dumper – turns a bin over in the water, that increases a working speed of the line and avoids injuring of fruit during unloading on the line).
  • Gentle Bin Filler, swinghead (intended for auto filling of bins with apples. After filling of the 1st bin the head automatically moves to the 2nd bin, resulting in uninterrupted packing in bins).
  • 2 SmartPackr units for packing on trays
  • 2 Gentle Poly Baggers
  • Palletizer (automatic placement of bins on pallets)
  • Robotize auto strapper for bins on pallets.

Main features of the sorting line GeoSort:

  • Suitable for optimal grading of round and elongated fruit (apple, kiwi, stone fruit, tomato);
  • Suitable for many types of fruit due to large availability of specific singulators;
  • Greefa flap-system provides a very friendly delivery of fruit from cups onto evacuation belts under high speed;
  • Equipped with delicate weighting and measuring systems;
  • Easy to operate as a result of user friendly software Dashboard by Greefa;
  • Modular construction, enabling easy extension of the line in future;
  • Noiseless operation, even at higher speeds.

Offered sorting systems:

  • Weight sorting
  • Colour sorting, integrated in iQS system
  • Optical diameter sorting
  • Long-short sorting

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