Insolar-Kholod will attend the main berries event in January – The 2nd International forum «S-Fruit Transformation – 2020», January 30-31, 2020 in Kiev.

As the location was chosen POCHAYNA Event Hall in the mall «Gorodok Gallery» (23 Stepana Bandery Av.).

As the organizer Association “Berries growing of Ukraine” specifies, S-Fruit Transformation is not an ordinary “line conference”, but the real synergy of berries business in the same unique event!

We have the honor to invite all interested people to visit the promo-table no. 21 and to receive recommendations from the qualified specialists for your topical problems:

  • What start building of the modern CA storage from
  • Advantages of storage berries and stone fruits in Palliflex
  • What is the right way how to arrange freezing and storing berries and stone fruits
  • Shock freezing tunnels and static freezing rooms

Director of the company Anatoliy Bogdan will deliver a presentation “Big and small secrets for storage fruit and berries”. This presentation will explore the topics of storage fresh berries and stone fruits.

  • Precooling of berries and stone fruits
  • Storage mode for blueberries, sweet cherries, red and black currants etc.
  • Differences of storage in Palliflex and CA rooms

Do not miss the possibility to be the first one aware of all newest technologies in storing and freezing of berries, as well as to find out the secrets for the longest possible storage of berries and stone fruits. Looking forward to meet you at the forum «S-FruitTransformation- 2020».

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