Insolar-Kholod about “Big and small secrets of storage fruits and berries” within the speech at the International conference «S-Fruit Transformation – 2020»

Read in the recent news edition by about the secrets of storage berries in the low season, which will be delivered by Anatoliy Bogdan, Insolar-Kholod director.

Winter months traditionally actualize storage problems with previously picked-up crop before berry growers. Everyone knows that prices for the products are much higher in the low season, than the ones traders offer during picking-up berries. In the meanwhile, approaching to increase profitability of their own business, a lot of berry producers do not know nuances of their right storage within the long period.

About big and small secrets of storage berries will tell in details Anatoliy Bogdan, director of Insolar-Kholod, during the 2nd International conference «S-Fruit Transformation – 2020», which will take place January 30-31 in POCHAYNA EventHall (mall «GorodokGallery», 23, Stepana Bandery Av.) in Kiev (Ukraine).

A presentation by Anatoliy Bogdan will explore the topics of storage fresh berries and stone fruits. Amongst others, the specialist will go into detail on such aspects of technological process as:

  • Precooling of berries and stone fruits
  • Storage mode for blueberries, sweet cherries, red and black currants etc.
  • Differences of storage in Palliflex and CA rooms

As the specialist specifies, the most effective is storage soft berries in cold rooms with Controlled Atmosphere (CA) under the temperature 0-1°С, oxygen (O2) level – 2-10% and carbon dioxide (CO2) within the range 10-20%.”It should be noted that storage in CA rooms is on the best economic grounds for enterprises with sales revenues up to 10 t. This is more efficient storage method suitable for such berries as blueberries, currants, sweet cherries, cherries”, – specifies Anatoliy Bogdan.

If capacity of berries is small, you can choose shock-freezing as one of storage methods. There are two types of such freezing – dynamic and static.

Static freezing offers freezing of produce inside rooms equipped with shockfroster under the temperature -35-42°С. Berries are delivered on special movable shelves into the room, where freezing of produce is taking place within 3-4 hours. This technology provides preservation of all fresh product qualities and makes it better than when using other methods of harvesting and storing.

“On the other hand, dynamic type of the shock freezing is fulfilled with the help of fast-freezing tunnels. This way capacity starts from 1 tons of products per hour. In other words, this way of freezing is more convenient for fresh produce processing enterprises of full value with a high quantity of production”, – Anatoliy Bogdan comments.

“Herewith it is needed to remember that it is necessary to cool berries as soon as possible right after picking up to prolong the shelf life as much as possible”, – Insolar-Kholod director shares with the professional secret.

The expert also specifies that for a long-term storage berries must be frozen also fast enough, for instance following the shock-freezing technology. At that the storage temperature must be about – 24°С.

During the event players of the berry market also will be able to visit the promo-table no. 21 and to receive recommendations from the qualified specialists for your topical problems as concerns:

  • Starting to build the modern CA storage
  • Advantages of storage berries and stone fruits in Palliflex
  • Right way how to arrange freezing and storing berries and stone fruits
  • Shock freezing tunnels and static freezing rooms

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