Modern high-tech storage for Sady Dnipra

Insolar-Kholod, OOO has successfully finished building of the 3rd phase of the modern high-tech storage for Sady Dnepra, OOO UApple. The capacity of the storage was 2400 tons increased and the total volume now is 7200 tons.

The main feature of the storage is the most modern technology for CA storing apples used when planning and building and named DCA (“Dynamic” Controlled Atmosphere), based on the advanced respiration technology control (ACR).

CA apple storage directly depends on the quality of the equipment. Well-designed system and refrigeration equipment fit to the world standards let us control microclimate of the room in full, not only keep quality of the fruits, but also decrease drying loss.

The following equipment has been used when planning and building of the storage:

• Compressor stations Berling
• Evaporators and condensers Thermofin
• CA equipment Van Amerongen
• Gas-tight doors Salco

Up to now the storage for Sady Dnepra, OOO is the most modern storage on input of the new storage technologies for fruit in Ukraine, which makes possible to decrease crop losses to the minimum and also essentially saves power using during the storage period.

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