Access to the international market is impossible without a modern sorting line

Interest of the modern storages owners to the sorters and calibration machines for fruit, vegetables and berries is going up all the time. The reason is that more and more owners of fruit and vegetables storages are directed towards export of their products. Under the conditions of high competition suppliers have to deliver the product of the highest quality only. And the only possible way how to achieve the export of a high quality product is implementation of the high-tech and modern sorting and calibration line to the production.
Thus, wishing to update the production and to equip the apple storage with the modern sorting line, the agricultural enterprise FG Chempion-Agro has applied to us. In accordance with the technical specification Insolar-Kholod realized selection, delivery and installation of the Greefa sorting line CombiSort for sorting of apples. The main client’s criteria for the sorting of apples were weight, diameter, colour and size sorting.

The CombiSort sorting machine 4 lines with 9 main exits and 1 extra exit including singulators for rotation of each fruit under the camera boxes is equipped with the set of colour and infrared cameras for detection colour, diameter of long-short fruits, weighting bridges for detection weight of each fruit.

The sorting line is equipped with double packing tables with accumulating belts. The table is equipped with the sloping shelves for easy packing of bins and the transporting belt for evacuation of full bins towards the separate section for stacking them on trays. One exit is dedicated for packing fruits of a small size, turning them directly to the double-bin filler.

The CombiSort sorting line has the hard- and the software with the modern, simple, easy to use and understand intuitively and user-friendly new interface Greefa Dashboard.

Use of sorting lines for fruit and vegetables gives the following advantages:
  • Clean and smooth fruits and vegetables look better for the consumer at the market;
  • Fruits, vegetables and berries after sorting and calibration cost much more expensive;
  • Sorting line allows to obtain very accurate results in weight, colour and size of products;
  • Yearly grows up the part of the market for high-quality, sorted out vegetables, fruits and berries in an individual packing;
  • Different sizes of vegetables and fruits are sold more expensive, resulting in increasing the total amount per kilo;
  • Sorting lines have a stable, high capacity and exclude human errors, which provides with the essential economy of means spending for a labour-intensive sorting process.
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