Number of apple storages of high quality in Ukraine is growing up

Export of apples from Ukraine has been increasing in more than 15 times by value within the last 5 years, and delivery of fresh berries abroad has been growing up in almost 4 times since 2015. One of the key reasons for the export essential increase of apples and berries from Ukraine is developing of refining capacities, at first instance storages and production sorting lines.
Anatoliy Bogdan, director of Insolar-Kholod, engaged in design and construction of storages for fruit and vegetable enterprises of Ukraine and foreign countries, told how this branch of the market has been developing over the last years and how it will develop later in the interview to the journalists of  East Fruit

– In your opinion, what is the reason for the Ukrainian apple export essential increase over the last years?
– For a wonder, loss of the Russian market strongly affected export. Cause if we check the sales area, Russian Federation definitely had been the main marketing outlet for Ukrainian apples up to 2014. That is why after political and economical escalation between countries the producers had to reorientate and to find the new marketing outlets. And, of course, one more factor affected increasing of delivery apples abroad is a substantial growth in production of high-quality products over the last years.

– Talking about dynamic in export apples abroad, how many enterprises invest in building industrial refrigeration storages?
– Production of high-quality apples is growing up over the last years, and thus it is necessary to invest in high-quality storaging, sorting and packaging. These elements are the guarantee of a successful export. But you cannot say that there is a rapid leap in the storage segment. But as for the customers who install sorting and packaging lines, their quantity has grown over recent years. And, of course, it stands to mention that the quantity of high-quality refrigeration storages tends to growth. In comparison with storages have been built about 10 years ago, modern storages are more high-tech. When drawing and building them were used the most innovative and effective technologies for CA storage of apples.

– Which storages do apple producers choose for their business most times for now?
– Basically this is CA (Controlled Atmosphere) storages.

– And what about storages with Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere? Your company has already got a successful experience in building of such facilities. What is an advantage and how many producers do draw attention on the storages like these?

– It is interesting to note that a lot of people place CA and DCA storages on separate categories by mistake. In fact, this is only one of the types of Controlled Atmosphere.
There are 3 CA categories:
CA – Controlled Atmosphere,
ULO – Ultra-low Oxygen
DCA- Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere.
The last type has a number of advantages upon storage of apples. Storage quality in the DCA storages is much higher, apples remain more solid which allows to prolong the sales period after putting products on storage. One more advantage is eliminating such a defect of apples as a scald.

– How do you estimate the prospect for building new apple storages in Ukraine? Considering that intensive and semi-intensive gardens are actively installed over the last years, the product from these gardens should be stored somewhere.
– Of course, the number of storages will be growing up every year. But any splash will be seen in this segment the coming years. Little by little, new CA storages will appear, but their quantity is insugnificant – several cold storages a year. These aren’t dozens of storages at all.

Continuation of the material about situation and prospect of Ukrainian market of storages and chilling berries, as well as the answer for the main question – «Apples or berries?» – reed soonest on the web-site East Fruit


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