My Fruit – progressive control and monitoring system of the CA

Today Ukraine the same as the whole world are in serious times. Even 10-15 years ago such circumstances could substantially complicate a company operation. Now thanks to the high-tech cooling equipment that we use when building of the modern storages, we have a remote access to all our projects and we can freely monitor the equipment, make adjustments and change settings of the equipment if necessary. The storages constructed by our company are equipped by the control system My Fruit.

My Fruit is the progressive control system especially designed by Van Amerongen for controlling all equipment of the fruit storage. By this Van Amerongen has designed the application My Fruit, broken new ground in developing of the CA remote control. The My Fruit application allows the user to connect remotely to the CA control system wherever he is.

Please find more details about the possibilities of the My Fruit control system on our company web-site

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